First Post! 01/16/2009

THE N.R.S.L. STARTED IN  2007. it was a kid nasa and it had no name but me and my friend ben where trying to get  $100,000 reword for this rocket contest and some kids sow the reword and wonted to be it in and it got bigger and bigger and soon it was in a school lab we made a rover that was so small it could fit in a glasses holder. and it had no camra but it had sensers that picked up stuff it made videos of what it got in infored that sent data to my friend adams's laptop we have hopes to make it to go to mars and more.later when we were doing a big test all the kid were woryed about it i was worryed about ben quiting (he never quit after all) and the n.r.s.l. was geting more hi teck in building stuff. and at summer brake a lot of stuff was going on we become a part of nasa and have plans to go to mars (see on home page) soon i found a game out called roblox and the n.r.s.l got 10 times bigger there thay have on roblox 227 members and counting the n.r.s.l. had 5 building all over roblox. we were the new nsas that went outside on the skyblox. in 2008-2009 i was geting less members and i got sadder (im not telling why becuse it has nothing to do with the n.r.s.l.) and i got better after a few weeks and will  the n.r.s.l. will still stand? will it stay good or will it fall? only time will tell.



01/19/2009 19:24:15

hey i think this website is amazing!!!!!



01/20/2009 13:27:25

yo yo yo this website is the best one in history dawg


01/20/2009 15:03:14




01/21/2009 18:51:21

you're welc little dude



01/21/2009 18:53:19

this is smashing finally people open their hearts to believe equally that aleins ghosts are real!!!



01/21/2009 18:55:37

can i join!!!???!!!


01/22/2009 14:41:08

you can join



01/22/2009 17:03:57

awesome!!! thanks!!!



01/22/2009 17:45:09



01/22/2009 17:46:19

oh on the front page it says nrls is a place



02/06/2009 22:26:21

no well this place is very cool indeed


02/18/2009 17:03:10

hey so a kid nasa wow im in a band called the siver bolders so i got to go couse some problems bye


what the heck!?

02/19/2009 15:16:21

nat wolf?! what the heck are you doing here?!


Selena Gomez

02/20/2009 19:52:27

Hi, I'm Selena. I really love this website because it expresses feelings, and I love that!


were have i heard that from?

02/21/2009 05:01:09

Selena Gomez? were have i herd that name from?


Selena Gomez

02/21/2009 09:17:28

I am famous. Remember?


wait this is libby

02/21/2009 15:20:14

my friend libby dose stuff like this how do i know your not her?


02/22/2009 16:50:18

Hmmm...... I have no clue! I don't have a roblox account, yet. I am dating nick jonas. And I star on wizards of waverly place


hey i said nothing about a roblox account

02/26/2009 08:02:16



02/27/2009 13:37:14

OMG!!! Selena Gomez!!!


adam heap

03/09/2009 14:52:27

i farted on your socks



03/09/2009 14:52:55




03/10/2009 14:17:16

i hate dillon adam please i always have to sit by him! he is the person that is right next to my desk



03/10/2009 14:19:19



nat wolf

03/10/2009 14:22:47

oh wow harsh well um.. wow this is bad sorry dillon...



03/10/2009 14:34:45

oh wow nice one dillon well she will love you soon....



03/10/2009 14:37:07

yeah i know we're still friends right shelb?



03/10/2009 14:39:02

ya we are still friends



03/10/2009 14:44:25

uh libby do you wont me and deven to beat him up?



03/10/2009 14:48:17

no i alredy did but i did it in self defence



03/10/2009 14:50:55

ya well im still going to...



03/11/2009 05:44:07

i know i know but can i body slam him for shelby i mean and then i will pin him down and the whole school will see i want to video tape it so i will bring my camera



03/11/2009 13:51:48

wow you have a lot of comments



03/15/2009 17:36:59



adam w

03/20/2009 14:00:44

hello adam heap,you do know that you are a jerk (for people reading this comment im the adam in the N.R.S.L.)



03/30/2009 14:43:58

and he's the good adam


i have no freedom everthing i locked

03/31/2009 14:18:04



04/01/2009 16:42:57

who is that


i dont know

04/01/2009 17:40:21



04/01/2009 18:11:53

dillon cut it out



04/01/2009 18:12:59




04/04/2009 05:48:17




01/24/2011 06:24:15

over two years?! wow! first comment in two years!!!



06/08/2011 07:34:45

wow..the memorys are coming back..the NRSL closed almost 1-2 years ago..a huge fight between me and libby, then things cooled down..


Dillon Kelly

08/23/2011 11:43:23

Anyone here? Is the NRSL really over? it felt like yesterday when it was around, well, posting at school again...


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